Validating links

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Unfortunately due to deficiencies in the JIRA API you need to jump through some additional hoops.

This code only applies where you have the Attachments or Issue Links field on the screen. That is, require that the attachments or links are created through the standard operations before the transition is done. Typically you will get attachments and linked issues from Attachment Manager or Issue Link Manager…​ however these will only give you newly-added attachments/links once the current transaction has been committed.

When you use this registry setting, the HLINK component that is used by Office opens the hyperlink in the default Web browser.

Instead of searching for one, use the built-in Ruby I quote from @gbc: "If you place your custom validators in app/validators they will be automatically loaded without needing to alter your config/file." (

A registry workaround is described in You are redirected to a logon page or an error page, or you are prompted for authentication information when you click a hyperlink to a SSO Web site in an Office document: Hyperlinks from Office to Internet Explorer or to another Web browser If this issue occurs when you click hyperlinks in Office documents that either directly open HTML Web content or are redirected to HTML content, client users can avoid the problem by enabling a registry key to send the hyperlink navigation to the browser instead of directly binding to the hyperlink from Office.

For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 218153 Error message: "Cannot locate the Internet server or proxy server" when clicking hyperlink Note Regardless of the version of Office that you have installed, add the registry key in the exact location that is specified in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 218153.

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