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Once we land at the airport, I make inquiries as to the easiest way to get to San Carlos. Maybe we will see her on the beach.” I blush and Natasha smiles and winks at Irene.A sexy young tour guide whose nametag identifies her as Natasha directs us to where we can find saloon cars for hire at reasonable prices. After the customary haggle about prices the driver agrees to take us directly to the villa on the condition that we agree to have a third person travel with us. She has given me two wonderful daughters, who are now nine and thirteen years old, and whom we both love and cherish. I have been married for fifteen years to my beautiful wife Irene. Irene and I started dating in high school when we were seventeen and got married right after we graduated from university.I stand firm; I need some time away from the pressures of home life to be alone with her.I have already made reservations at the Villa Rosmarin in the town of San Carlos.We love our family life and simple pleasures such as going to the beach on weekends, or picnics in the countryside, and the multiple joys of living in the city such as concerts, museums and art galleries. Today she is forty-four years old, she stands five-foot-two with hazel eyes and auburn shoulder length hair. This fantasy started before we were married while we were on vacation in Tunisia.

Her tits are magnificent and I long to handle them.The air is fragrant with the smell of local flowers and very balmy.It is not as hot as it was on the road, due to the sea breeze.Irene is wearing a light summer dress, which, due to the heat, is clinging to her body like a second skin. Tony, because of his height, elects to sit in front next to the driver, and Irene and I get into the back, where she clings to me as if she is seeking protection from a wild animal.Once we reach the villa, we go to our room, which is on the second floor.

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