Sex hookups for zambia

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Cindy lives in the upper middle class neighborhood of Ibex Hill on the East Side of Lusaka.

Zimbabwean sex workers can be found in these other townships selling their bodies cheaply, and this has compelled more and more Zambian men to prefer them to their Zambian counterparts.

Another resident, Henry Ngoma, called on Lusaka City Council to move in and close ‘Katete’ and ‘Bulawayo’ lodges in particular, which he said had been turned into brothels similar to what previously were known as ‘midadadada’.

Mr Ngoma said the issue was getting out of hand because even young men were flocking to the two brothels because there services were affordable.

He was aware of sex workers that were operating at ‘Katete’ and ‘Bulawayo’ and warned the owners of the two places that they risked being closed down.

“We are going to carry out an operation to remove and deport all the sex workers operating at the named brothels,” he said.

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