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MP told BBC1s Question Time that women in Birmingham suffered similar situation to German mass assaults every week The Labour MP Jess Phillips has defended her claim that mass sex attacks in Cologne were similar to the situation faced by women in Birmingham city centre every week, arguing that sexual harassment wasnt something that refugees have bought into our country.

Phillips was asked by an Rolling coverage of all the days political developments as they happen 3.06pm GMT David Cameron has told Sky News that he is opposed to taking Syrian refugees from the camps in France.

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I've been blocking out the negative responses.'They're filled with aggressive hate and threats and really just remind me how backwards of a world we still live in.

I still can't believe how much controversy sexuality ignites.

Her specialty interests include evaluation and management of back and neck pain, management of occupational conditions and illnesses, and rehabilitation of neuromuscular disorders.

Cardiff council has confirmed that it has received compl Rolling coverage of all the days political developments as they happen 10.29am GMT Tim Farron, the Lib Dem leader, has condemned David Cameron as heartless, saying that his announcement about unaccompanied child refugees was simply about media management.In an interview on Sky News, Farron said that the proposals are not as significant as some of the briefing suggested last night.[The proposa Interior minister Anders Ygeman tells Swedish media of plan to use charter flights to repatriate thousands amid toughening of immigration rules Sweden is preparing to expel up to 80,000 asylum seekers who arrived in 2015 and whose applications have been rejected, the countrys interior minister, Anders Ygeman, has said.We are talking about 60,000 people but the number could climb to 80,000, the Move to take in more unaccompanied child refugees is welcomed but ministers under pressure to say how many children it will take from Europe The government is under pressure to give more details of a £10m plan to take in more unaccompanied Syrian child refugees and to spell out precisely how many extra children Britain will take from Europe.This is short guide on how to apply for NSO birth certificate online?If you are not yet knowledgeable about how to get NSO birth certificate using e-Census online transaction, this is perfect for a start.

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